UE provides legacy and alternative solutions for Safety, Alarm & Shutdown Applications.   We offer uncompromising quality, world-wide product approvals and ISO 9001:2008 certification.

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Visit our FAQ page and learn more about SIL Calculations.  Check out the One Series Electronic Switch SIS Demonstration VideoWhat is a Safety Instrumented System (SIS)? How can it keep your plant safe?

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Applied Sensor Technologies, a Division of United Electric Controls, is a major manufacturer of thermocouple, RTD, thermistor, thermowells and other types of temperature sensor assemblies.

Benefits of The Sensor Box


  • Improved Process Uptime
  • Reduced Expediting & Related Costs
  • Fewer Emergency Orders
  • Lower Inventory

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Four Key Considerations

When Selecting SIS Sensors

Without knowing the capabilities of old and new technologies with new functionality and cost saving features, it’s highly likely that the wrong selection will be made. Understanding SIS and the pros and cons of mechanical switches, smart switches, and safety and process transmitters will help you make the appropriate choice.


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