United Electric Controls provides legacy and alternative solutions for Safety, Alarm & Shutdown Applications.  We manufacture gas detectors, temperature switches, pressure switches, sensors, transmitters and our award-winning ONE Series Safety Transmitter for industrial applications.

Product Highlights:


  • WirelessHART® capability
  • 5+ year battery life*
  • Field interchangeable toxic and combustible gas sensors
  • Interoperable with existing WirelessHART networks and asset management systems (AMS)
  • Easy calibration and operation
  • Heavy duty design with Class 1, Div 1 & 2 hazardous location approvals


                                                                                                              * Affected by polling frequency


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What's New

United Electric Controls Moves Precision Sensors Division to Larger Facility.

MILFORD, CONN.—September 12, 2017 — United Electric Controls’ Precision Sensors Division is moving to a larger Connecticut facility to accommodate growth in military, aerospace and semiconductor business. Precision Sensors provides custom control, monitoring and alarm technology to support critical functions and is experiencing heightened demand across its product lines. The company is expanding its floor capacity, moving from a 10,000-square foot to a 25,000-square foot facility in Milford, CT.   Continue reading.....

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ If your customers are struggling with Management of Change (MoC) requirements, then this is a must-read for you and your customers.

Struggling with Management of Change (MoC) requirements? This is a must-read for you and your customers. Replacing United Electric Controls (UE) 120 Series Electromechanical Switch with the UE One Series 1XSW Digital Electronic Switch.  Learn more....

+ Need Help Selecting a Pressure Switch?  Try our Product Selector.

Pressure switches are widely used by many industries and within many applications. The basic function of a pressure switch is to detect a pressure change and convert it into an electrical signal function – typically on/off or off/on. Pressure switches may be of electro-mechanical or electronic/solid-state design; and while each may have its advantages, arriving at the correct pressure switch for your application is the same.   Learn more on how to select a pressure switch on our resource page.  Visit our product selector to help you find a switch for your application.


+ Precision Sensors, a Division of UE, manufacturer of Aerospace and Military Switches, Semiconductor and Process Switches

Precision Sensors, a Division of United Electric Controls, provides reliable, cost effective Pressure Switches, and Sensors, Flow Switches, Temperature Switches and Sensors.  Our  Aerospace and Military products are used on commercial, military, general aviation aircraft, space platforms and environmentally demanding installations.   Our Semiconductor products are installed on equipment and process systems used to manufacture semiconductors.  Visit our website for further information or view our some of our high quality, reliable products below.


Learn more about Precision Sensors products and industries.

+ Upgrading Plant Instrumentation

Upgrading Plant Instrumentation - Replacing Mechanical Pressure & Temperature Switches with the ONE Series Electronic Solution.

+ Keeping Your Plant Safe with a Safety Instrumented System (SIS)

A Safety Instrumented System (SIS) is composed of a sensor, logic solver and final control element. These three components form a Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) that brings a process to a safe state during a hazardous event. Safety Instrumented Systems contain ten to hundreds of SIFs that make up the entire system and protect people, processes, equipment, environment and company image.  Learn more about Safety Instrumented Systems on our SIS website or watch our video.




+ Application Success Story

Industry: Power (coal-fired steam generation)

Product: One Series Safety Transmitter 2SLP47P15

Application: Water Pressure Monitor

Quantity: 4

Distributor: MERCON Sp. z o.o., Poland



+ Need to Replace a Mechanical Switch?

Need to Replace Your Mechanical Switch?  Are you updgrading plant instrumentation and need to replace pressure or temperature switches?  Our video tutorial shows you just how to do this.  Watch our Replace A Mechanical Switch Video.

+ Our Products:  Temperature Switch, Pressure Switch, Transmitters

We supply a broad line of products from the simple skeleton frame type for OEM applications to legacy electromechanical products, state-of-the-art full digital field configurable electronic products to custom engineered devices for discriminating users with unique specifications.


We construct devices for general purpose and hazardous area locations with approvals certifying its suitability for all regions of the world including USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, China, Korea, Mexico, Taiwan, and other countries.  And, with the increasing quest to improve safety after the disasters in the Chemical and O&G industry, an increasing number of our products meet IEC 61508 certified exida for SIL2 and SIL 3 applications.


Read more about our products on our product page.

+ What is The Sensor Box™

The Sensor Box  can be your solution to expediting, high inventory and expensive downtime. One of the challenges in maintaining industrial temperature sensors is the variety. It is difficult for the typical process plant to stock every sensor configuration they might need to replace – until now. By combining common parts into a modular system, a relatively small amount of stock can translate into the variety you need – quickly, and without expediting.  Learn more about The Sensor Box™ or watch our video, "Build A Sensor in Minutes".

+ UE Certifications/Approvals

Visit our Product Certifications/Approvals page to learn more about UE issued Certifications.

+ Viewpoints & Whitepapers

Our Viewpoints and White Papers are written by product, application and industry subject matter experts employed by United Electric Controls.  If you like what you see, please forward a link to your colleagues.


Let us help you solve your application needs with our product solutions.  Our videos demonstrate how to upgrade and install our products.

We are members of the following organizations.

January 2017 – United Electric Controls (UE) joins American Petroleum Institute (API)

UE is proud to become a supporting member of API, an organization whose critical mission is to promote safety across the oil and gas industry; a natural fit with our fundamental deliverable of providing industry-leading pressure and temperature transmitters, switches, and sensors for safety, alarm and emergency shutdown (ESD).

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Pressure Transmitter - TX200 Hybid Transmitter Switch RTD Heat Tracing

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