Dual Seal Certified Switches


UE's Dual Seal Switches

Dual Seal Certified Products:


cUL certified to ANSI/ISA 12.27.01

Complies with CEC rule 18-072 and NEC 501.17 requirements for

   providing a secondary seal between the process and electrical

   connections, and indication of primary seal failure should one occur

Decrease labor time and cost by eliminating externally connected

   secondary seals

One Series Safety Transmitter features a 1/4" NPT tapped port that

    allows media to be transported away from the process to safe

    containment.  *Option M041 is Required.

One Series Hybrid Transmitter-Switch provides HART communication

    for all transmitter and switching functions. *Option M041 is Required.

The 12 series is a compact and hermetically sealed switch with a 316

    stainless steel enclosure. *Dual Seal is Included.

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Improved Safety in Oil and Gas Production

Certified Safety Transmitter Offers Safety and Security with

   Unprecedented Performance (SFF = 98.8) at an Affordable Price


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