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UE ViewPoints provide Executive, Business and Technical Briefs written by product, application and industry subject matter experts employed by United Electric Controls.  These links will provide UE's most current ViewPoint. Learn more about our product applications in our White Papers.

Natural Gas Storage - Pressure Switch Upgrade
After 3 years of testing, a major natural gas storage company in Italy standardized on UE’s One Series smart electronic switch to provide shutdown functions for their gas collector compressors and treatment plants.
A Guide to Management of Change (MoC)
Are your customers struggling with Management of Change (MoC) requirements? This is a must-read for you and your customers. Replacing United Electric Controls (UE) 120 Series Electromechanical Switch with the UE One Series 1XSW Digital Electronic Switch.
WirelessHART® Gas Detection Provides New Opportunities
This article presents the recent advancements in technology that are enabling a new class of long-life WirelessHART toxic and combustible gas detectors and the emerging opportunities for these devices, particularly in augmenting existing gas detection capabilities in brownfield applications.

What Makes the One Series Safety Transmitter Different?
The Safety Transmitter allows users to validated the performance of instrumentation, alarm when the device goes awry, quickly deploy the safety function, and confirm device actions if called to do so.

Four Key Considerations When Selecting SIS Sensors.
Without knowing the capabilities of old and new technologies with new functionality and cost saving features, it’s highly likely that the wrong selection will be made. Understanding SIS and the pros and cons of mechanical switches, smart switches, and safety and process transmitters will help you make the appropriate choice.

7 Switch Myths Busted.
With more than 80 years of evolution since its introduction, switch technology has changed significantly enough that some of the common beliefs about switches are no longer true.

Consider Certified SIL Devices to Improve Safety While Reducing Cost of Compliance.
Installing supplier certified SIL Rated instrumentation can reduce the cost of IEC 61511 safety compliance in lieu of employing “prior use” certification commonly practiced by many end users.

Demystifying the Use of API 682 4th Edition from an Instrumentation Perspective.
The 4th edition of API 682 changed the instrumentation from switches to transmitters. Since this change is not mandatory, users should understand its intent and decide if appropriate for the organization.

The Safety Case for UEs One Series Safety Transmitter
UE’s multi-functional Safety Transmitter adds diversity, independency and/or physical separation while providing breakthrough diagnostic coverage. Accelerated use of Independent Protection Layers can be adopted to provide added risk reduction and SIL achievement.

EXECUTIVE ORDER 13650: modernization of PSM & RMP
President Barack Obama issued Executive Order 13650: Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security on August 1, 2013 in response to recent industrial accidents relating to the storage and handling of hazardous chemicals, triggered by the ammonia nitrate explosion in a West, TX that killed 15 people and injuring 160 more.

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