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July 2017 - New Product Announcement – One Series Safety Transmitter Two new additions

One Series Safety Transmitter Two new additions to the One Series Safety Transmitter product line are now available to order - models 2SLP48 and 2SLP49. These two new models are added to the current 2SLP47 model that began shipping in 2014 and provide high-capacity 24 VDC and 125 VDC switching for final elements in safety instrumented systems. Pricing remains the same for all three One Series Safety Transmitter models.


April 2017 - SIL 2 certification on two popular electromechanical switches, the 100 Series and 120 Series.

United Electric Controls announced today that it has received SIL 2 certification on two of its most popular electromechanical switch offerings, the 100 Series and 120 Series. Combined with the award-winning SIL 2-certified One Series Safety Transmitter, UE now offers process instrumentation end users with a broad range of options for high-reliability electromechanical or digital switching in general process or hazardous area functional safety applications.


March 2017 - Stainless Steel Stainless Steel, Corrosion Resistant Switch/Transmitter-Junction Box Assembly

United Electric Controls offers an affordable, all stainless steel, corrosion resistant switch/transmitter-junction box assembly, suitable for use in a Class 1, Div. 1 environment, while meeting with the highest global standards.


March 2017 - United Electric Controls Announces WirelessHART Gas Detector with Five-Year Battery Life

United Electric Controls, a leading producer of safety, alarm and shutdown technology, has announced the availability of a WirelessHART gas detector that can monitor presence of harmful gases for more than five years without a battery replacement. The new Vanguard WirelessHART gas detector reduces monitoring costs and increases safety by eliminating the need for costly and fixed wiring.


March 2017 - New Product Design & Development Challenges

Join us Tuesday, March 21st, from 6:30 - 9:00 p.m. for a discussion on New Product Design & Development Challenges. Sponsored by ISA Boston at United Electric in Watertown, MA.


January 2017 - United Electric Controls (UE) joins American Petroleum Institute (API)

UE is proud to become a supporting member of API, an organization whose critical mission is to promote safety across the oil and gas industry; a natural fit with our fundamental deliverable of providing industry-leading pressure and temperature transmitters, switches, and sensors for safety, alarm and emergency shutdown (ESD).


January 2017 - United Electric Controls’ One Series Safety Transmitter Wins 2016 exida Safety Award


November 2016 - Management of Change (MoC) procedures getting in the way of your plant upgrade?

UE has created a flyer to help with navigating through the MoC procedures. MoC might not be as bad as you think but will depend on what upgrade equipment choices you make. Read more here: One Series 1X


October 2016 -  For monitoring hydrocarbon media in hazardous locations:

a secondary seal may be required. The One Series family of transmitter-switch products is now Dual Seal certified. Need more information?


September 2016 - UE has released a new product bulletin for the One Series 1X transmitter-switch product line.

The product bulletin provides product specifications and ordering information. http://www.ueonline.com/technical brochure/one_series_1x_b.pdf


September 2016 - UE has updated the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) list for the One Series family of electronic transmitter-switch product line.


September 2016 Are you involved with an upgrade project at your plant?

Consider UE’s One Series 2-Wire electronic switch product line. This flyer will help when comparing the installed cost of a process transmitter versus the One Series 2-Wire for plant upgrades. http://www.ueonline.com/products/plant_upgrade_one_series.pdf


August 2016 Device Descriptions (DD files) are now available for the One Series 1XTX models that now include HART communications capabilities.

Please visit our HART Resources page for the One Series Transmitter-Switch products at: http://www.ueonline.com/hart.html


August 2016 - Product Selector updated to include the new transmitter-switch product line


UE is pleased to announce that their Product Selector has been updated to include the new transmitter-switch product line known as the One Series 1X. The UE Product Selector provides a powerful tool for determining the best solutions for various general purpose, hazardous location and safety critical applications. This latest version of the Product Selector combines several years of engineering expertise into an easy-to-use software program that guides users to a product part number that best fits their challenging pressure and temperature applications. Give it a test drive today!



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